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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

( Please review the following Questions and Answers carefully, and check them periodically for changes )

How to order: 

To place an order or purchase our articles you need to go to our web site into the Restricted Area and you have to register. If you haven't registered yet, please go to : New Registration fill in all your details and you'll immediately get an e-mail with a Username and Password which allow you to place an order or enter into the Restricted Area where you can see all our articles with prices included ; if you wish you also can subscribe our Newsletter from where you can benefit in advance all news and promotions

In order to be able to place an order, it is necessary to have a Vat Number ( only if you are part of the European Community, for other States not necessary the Vat Number )

You can place an order as follow :

You can directly place an order on this web site  ( it's the easiest, safest and quicker way ) but you first need to register in:
You can send your order by e-mail to :
You can send your order by fax on + 39 041 8842009

I've never placed an order on line, is it difficult ?

Placing an order on line it's the easiest, safest and quicker way, you simply need to fill in the choosen article page's the quantity ( in the bottom right side of the page ) and choose the colors, go to ADD and you can then proceed with the shopping following the instructions you can find on the bottom page.

How can I see prices ?

To be able to view at every article price's, you need to subscrive our web site and enter into the Restricted Area

Are the prices of the web site Restricted Area's are unit ones ?

All prices our web site are unit prices.

I do not have a VAT number, how do i buy ?

If you do not have a Vat Number, in this case we have to add VAT to your order ,can you please send your Fiscal Code or ITIN , or INSEE or NIF and a copy of a valid document of yours : identity card or passport ( it has to be valid for the European community ) to following fax number : + 39 041 8842009 or by email :
( The Vat Number, it is mandatory only if you are part of the European Community, for other States is not necessary )

The customs duty & taxes ( Your Local Taxes ) are already included in the price ?

No, Customs duty & taxes ( Your Local Taxes ) are not included in the price, because they vary from country to country. For more informations, calculate your duty & taxes, visit :  ( Attention, our company does not assume any RESPONSIBILITY if the amounts derived from the counts of the site do not match the costs applied by customs in your state ) This is the our : Harmonized Commodity / Custom Code 71171900  ( corresponds to : custom jewellery )

Are there any discounts for Re-sellers, wholesalers, Pomotional Agencies, Big Distributions ?

Sure there are, subscrive our web site and you'll get an e-mail with all offers and discounts you've access to .

Is there a minimum order ?

The minimum order is of  Euro 200 in articles and assorted colours ( Vat Number, only if you are part of the European Community, for other States is not necessary )

How can I pay ?

You can make the advance payment with: Bank transfert in advanced ( Swift ) before to ship the order we'll send you the Proforma Invoice and instructions by Fax or e-mail. 

( For Bank Transfert in Advanced (swift ) order delivery is 15 working days, after received your payment )

If you wish you also can pay by following Credit Cards: PaypalVisa - MasterCard - Diners  ( it's the safer and faster payment way )   

The Payment by Credit Card is Secure ?

Sure, the credit card payment is made through a safe Server with a SSL at 128 Bit cryptography system.

What are the despatching times of an order ?

We normally despatch an order in about 7 working days .

What are the delivery times of an order ?

The delivery normally takes in 1/2 working days in Europe with DHL  courier, 3/4 working days in the other countries of the world.

Am I able to see the past orders I've made on line and what I've ordered ?

Sure, you simply need to to enter the Restricted Area and then the link : Your orders and you see both the orders you've made before as well as what you've ordered in details .

How will be delivered the order ?

Orders are delivered with DHL courier, which has a tracking system so to be able to trace every time you wish the parcel, to view at this on line service you can enter the web site 

What are the shipping costs ?

it depends on the weight and the measures of the package, and what country the parcel is shipped.

The articles have an insurance ?

No, articles do not have an insurance; counting the statistic of the damages it doesn't worth to insure them with the courier ; in case your parcel should get lost or damaged, or you see that has holes in it, you should immediately notify the courier, who are handing over the package, and sign subject ( we recommend that you always check very well, before you collect it and sign the receipt )

What shall I do if there are any transport damages ?

Goods is packed in a very efficient way therefore there are rare damaged cases, but considering the fragile nature of the articles, this can alwasy happen. In this case you kindly need to inform us directly by e-mail on or sending us a Fax on + 39 041 8842009 specifying the nature and the entity of the damage.
The damaged items need to be held available to the Company which can ask for the back sending, until different disposition.

How can I be updated with your News and Promotions ?

Registering to our newsletter, you'll get an e-mail every time there should be some News or special offers .

How can I get your Catalogue ?

You can directly download it from the web site following this link : Download Catalogue on PDF ( we do not send catalogues by post or courier any longer, they got lost and took too much time to be delivered and they never were updated )

The online catalog is updated with the latest models ?

Sure it is, the catalogue is automatically updated every time we add new models.

Can i show yours catalog to my customers ? 

Sure you can, you also can collect new orders as there aren't any logo or tel. numbers that can be connected to us .

What is the recommended selling price of the articles I'm buying ?

There isn't a specific rule, it depends on which country you're selling.

Can I include your articles in Catalogues, web sites, promotions or tv shops ?

Yes you can, but before to include something and confirm this to your customer, you need to contact our company to check in advance if it is a continuous article  ; we otherwise cannot assume any responsabilities if the article has been included without our approval with a written confirmation by email.

Can I re-sell the articles by internet ?

Sure you can, if you're interested in selling our articles in your web site, you need to send us your company request's including your web site details, we'll give you then our approval as well as our brand use's, along our necessary technical support with images, video, texts and translations, please visit : FTP - Area or Pinterest page

( Warning all the photos, videos and text content of our web site are all Copyright Unauthorized duplication or misuse by us, will be punished in terms of legally law )

I would like to become your Re-seller and having the Exclusivity of your articles, what are your conditions ?

It depends on which area you live and which turnover is made there. Basing on those information, we normally require a minimum 3 months turnover to keep the exclusivity ; at the end of the 3 months, depending on the results that have been made, we'll decide for the possible exclusivity .

Your articles are all made in Italy with Murano glass ? and are they Made in Italy certificated ?

Yes they are, we have our own Factory in Murano - Venice ( founded in the 37s ) and we manufacture all our products using only original Murano Glass Made in Italy.

Is there also a Guarantee which certifies me that the article is made in Italy ?

Yes, all our articles have a Certificate of Guarantee which guarantees that it is made in Italy and it entirely has been manufactured with authentic Murano glass .

The products have an boxes or packages ? 

Yes, all our products have a Box and packages below every picture of the article you find on our web site or catalogue, we also add in detail with which box or package il will be supplied, if you wish to purchase them you need to order them separately on our page : Boxes and Guarantees

How can I know the dimensions of the article ? the lenght of the cords or the measurements of a necklace ?

Under every article you find on the web site or catalogue there are the dimensions of the item including the lenght of the cord or the necklace, there is also specified the glass compositions and a brief explanation of the manufacturing procedure.

Is it possible to make some changes on the articles I wish to order :  to take the cords or the boxes off from some articles ?

It is not recommended to do it, because you can lengthen the time of delivery, but it is possible ; in this case the order cannot be sent on line but needs to be sent by e-mail or fax .

I've seen on the web site that there are many article lines to choose between ..

Yes, on the web site you'll see 9 articles lines you can choose between, divided as follow :

Economic Products : The price includes, Boxes, and Certificate of Guarantee Original Murano Glass - Made in Italy

Murano Glass Necklaces : The price includes the Necklace, Box ( 180x130x25 ) Certificate of Guarantee Original Murano Glass - Made in Italy

Murano Glass Braccelets : The price includes the Bracelet, Box ( 90x90x30 ) Certificate of Guarantee Original Murano Glass - Made in Italy 

Murano Glass Earrings : The price includes the Earrings, Box ( 65x65x25 ) Certificate of Guarantee Original Murano Glass - Made in Italy

Murano Glass  Parure - Set : The price includes only the Box ( 180x130x25 ) Necklace, Bracelet, Earring, Certificate of Original Murano Glass - Made in Italy

Murano Glass Pendant : The price includes the Pendant, Box ( 50x50x25 ) Certificate of Guarantee Original Murano Glass - Made in Italy

Murano Glass  Watches : The price includes the Watch, Box ( 150x50x35 ) or Velvet Pouche (135x110 ) Certificate of Guarantee Original Murano Glass - Made in Italy

Murrina Pendants : The price includes the Pendant, Box ( 50x50x25 ) Certificate of Guarantee Original Murano Glass - Made in Italy

Murano Glass  Objects : The price includes Object ( Cuffilinks, Glass Stopper, Corkscrew, Bottle opener, etc,etc, Original Murano Glass - Made in Italy

Murano Glass Sterling Silver 925/00 : The price includes the Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Parure, Box ( 180x130x25 ) Certificate of Guarantee Original Murano Glass - Made in Italy and Price Tag.

Boxe - Packaging : this page is to add the boxes or the pouches, and to see in detail how guarantees and boxes are made.

What are the boxes or packaging of products ?

Under every article you find on the web site or catalogue it is written which box or packaging it is supplied with product.

Is it possible to purchase some more boxes, guarantees or cords on top of my order ?

Unfortunately it isn't possible, boxes, guarantees and cords cannot be sold separately, they are supplied with the articles ordered, they can only be added on the Economic Line in order to the quantity that has been purchased .

What are the dimensions and the composition of the articles ?

Under every article you find on the web site or catalogue there are the dimensions and the composition of the article with a brief explanation of the manufacturing procedure .

How can I know the kind of manufacturing procedure of the article ?

Under every article you find on the web site or catalogue there is a brief explanation of the manufacturing procedure.

I saw that all your items are printed on the back : Murano Glass, what does it mean ? 

All our articles are Murano Glass printed or fire engraved on the back and we're the only one making this as we believe this procedure needs to be done so to be different from the not original Murano articles and, moreover, to offer a further guarantee to our clients who are buying a real Made in Italy product ; the brand is non-fading, not stratching and lasts forever.

Are there any videos or images which show the glass manufacturing procedure or how the articles are made ?

Yes, there are 7 videos on our web site pages : Company - Video the Processing procedure where you can view how they are manufactured and the different glass making techniques.

I've seen there are articles that can be purchased in assorted colours as well as single colour, what does it mean ?

This way we give our Customers the possibility to purchase the same article, in assorted colours ( as written on the description ) as well as per single one color.

May I purchase as an individual ( private person ) ?

No, you can't, we're manufacturer and we have to respect our Re-sellers and Wholesalers .

Attention :

Due to handmade nature of our glass productions : the shapes, diameters, heights and colors might slightly vary.


Do you have any further questions ?

Please send us an e-mail at  if we can help you, we'll be pleased to do it



Phone  + 39 347 6687199  -    Fax.+ 39  041 8842009

e-mail :

Venice - Italy

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